Find Prospects


90% of websites bring little or no new work to a business… They’re little more than a digital brochure sitting on a virtual shelf gathering dust. We pack a selection of tools into our websites to encourage and attract new visitors to your business from both online & offline sources. 


Get Social


Social Media is tremendously powerful if you use it correctly… We’ve got a collection of tools to help you create a buzz about your business, including full social media integration, viral competitions and contests plus an ever growing list of viral upgrades to help drive a frenzy. 


Build Relationships


Most small businesses live off of referrals… Our range of integrated marketing tools will help you to build ever greater ties with your customers and to generate even more referrals, using clever automation, modern technology and a sprinkle of your own marketing genius. 


website design for small business

Why Choose a DotcomDazzle Website?

There's literally hundreds of reasons why we offer the best website solution for your small business, here are just a few of them...
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small business website design

Web Design For Small Business

Every DotcomDazzle website we create is designed specifically for small and medium sized offline businesses just like yours.

Until now, there really were only two alternatives for small business owners wanting a website designed… either build one yourself using a cheap and nasty DIY web builder or the polar opposite of paying a web designer a handsome sum to build one for you.

There really was no middle ground… until now!

We’ve filled that massive gap and have developed an incredibly streamlined process to create customised website designs for small business owners, which are jam packed filled with amazing marketing tools, for the fraction of the price you would be charged elsewhere.

There really isn’t a better value small business website design solution.

small business marketing

Small Business Marketing

If your website isn’t helping you build your business then there’s no absolutely no point in having one!

Unlike 99% of other websites, ours come with all sorts of integrated marketing tools to help you attract new prospects, turn them into customers, retain them for longer and help create more referrals for your business.

Our websites do exactly that and we stand by every single one of them with an amazing guarantee that to our knowledge is completely unique…

If after one year of owning your website and after using all of the tools, features and techniques you find that your website hasn’t brought you enough new business to cover the initial cost of your website… we’ll give you your money back!

Our websites are the perfect low cost small business marketing solution. Period.

small business seo

Small Business SEO

People are switching away from conventional sources like the Yellow Pages and local newspapers at an alarming rate… instead they’re looking for businesses local to them using search engines like Google on their desktops, their mobiles, their games consoles, their smart tv’s and even their cars!

So it’s essential for both now and the long term future of your business that your small offline business can be found on Google’s first page.

Our websites are built from the keyword phrases up so that they have the best possible chance of appearing on page one of Google… in fact over 75% of our websites achieve at least one within the first 4 months of their site going live.

Perhaps the best thing is that once you’re in page one, these Google organic listings are completely free!.. Our websites are the best small business SEO solution.

small business website design

dotcomdazzle video

Having recently purchased a web package from Dotcomdazzle I would recommend anybody looking for a professional, friendly and helpful service to give these guys a shout. I am a technological idiot and Dotcomdazzle guided me through from start to finish in a very polished and accomplished fashion that I could follow and understand. It’s the best business I have done this year and I am delighted with the results. 

David Newton, Midas Engineering